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Cindy Sturtevant(non-registered)
You are so talented, Allegra! It was such a pleasure to meet you. I especially love the owls, elephants, and then that photo of the rising moon - amazing! I hope you enjoyed your time in Maine. You have a wonderful family.
Your food is making me hungry!
Liz Racioppi(non-registered)
Hi Allegra, you know I love your photography. Well now, one of my staff at Elizabeth Grady is a fan too, especially after seeing the owl photo. Keep rockin!
Rachel Bellenoit(non-registered)
Fantastic work! Lovely to meet you at Salisbury yesterday!
Allegra Boverman Photography
Thank you for all of the wonderful photos you have taken for senior week and commencement! So glad to have some nice photos as memories :)

Allegra Boverman Photography
It was a pleasure getting to know you as well and thank so much for all the care and attention you put into our spotlight. It as not only a homepage highlight, it was a highlight of my time at MIT -- and I mean that!

Allegra Boverman Photography
The photos Allegra took are AWESOME!

Allegra Boverman Photography
… thank you so much, Allegra!! It's been a pleasure getting to know you from our ballpit photoshoot through the champagne toast :) I wish you the best of luck with all you do and and in getting to know other great students as you put pictures to their stories!

Allegra Boverman Photography
Thank you so much - the photos are wonderful! I really love your compositions. I really appreciate you spending so much time with me and taking the time to compose great photos even though I was super tired and not the best subject!

Thank you again!

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